Bid Media provides a wide range of services to the government, private and not-for-profit sectors.

We write winning tender pitches for government and commercial work.

We build relationships with journalists, broadcasters, and influencers to secure media coverage.

We develop programs to strengthen your reputation in the community where you are based.

We design strategies to protect your brand. We lobby government, trade bodies and business groups for beneficial change to your industry.

We use digital media to market your products and services and respond quickly to change.

We help manage change in the workplace through internal newsletters and knowledge-sharing tools.

And we give a coordinated message to stakeholders, employees, customers, government and the public.


Bid Media experts have worked in all facets of public relations and tender writing. Our project work includes:


  • Designing a roadshow and online questionnaire to facilitate public comment on a NSW Government master plan for road, rail, ferry and bus transport in NSW. The consultation strategy generated 10,000 web reactions, 2,000 comments and 500 submissions. Comment was sought via laptop-equipped pop-up kiosks at rail and bus hubs, and a fully equipped inquiries bus that visited regional and country locations. Total budget for the eight-week project was $800k.
  • Managing the media launch of Australia’s first large-scale government water recycling scheme at Homebush Bay in Sydney. Wrote and produced press releases, speeches and brochures.
  • Managing a global media campaign to promote landmark energy, water, waste and heritage initiatives at Sydney Olympic Park. The 13 press releases generated 500 news stories worldwide.


  • Designing and publishing three new quarterly online newsletters for a superannuation fund.
  • Managing the PR launch of an Australian-designed technology product in the US and Europe. The campaign included the design of a new website, brochures, ads, press releases and a direct mail campaign
  • Providing editorial management and writing services for a major business publisher for the 2019 restructure of its Australian business news operations.
  • Designing and delivering new publications for a major bank.
  • Designing and managing a crisis communications strategy for an insurer after its database was hacked.


  • Writing and designing tender submissions to the NSW Government for licences to run two Sydney-based childcare centres.
  • Designing a logo for a childcare provider.


Wattle Children Services

“We are delighted with the high standard of tenders produced by Bid Media for Wattle Children Services. We also welcome its role in designing and distributing a range of brochures and online content to help elevate our profile in the childcare market.” Director, Julia Koti, Wattle Children Services


“Parceltools appreciated the high level of personalised service provided by Steven Andrew and his affiliates during an important period of growth for the company. He researched and set up media campaigns in Australia and overseas. He produced advertisements, corporate videos, a website, manuals and promotional brochures.” General manager, Tony Bauer, Parceltools

Sydney’s Northern Beaches Visitors’ Association

“We were delighted with the brochure and website content. It presented a very inviting and exciting picture of the ‘bush, bay and beach experience’ that is Sydney’s northern beaches – and was very well researched.” Secretary, Jacquie Whitefield, Sydney Northern Beaches Visitors’ Association

Thomson Legal and Regulatory

“Steve’s news reports meet the high standards demanded by the editors of our national corporate governance titles.” Managing editor, Peter Schwab, Thomson Legal and Regulatory Group

Olympic Coordination Authority

“I am sure your work here at the OCC will stand you in good stead for any future tasks you may care to accept, and I once again thank you for your dedication and professionalism.” Director, Steve Brien, Olympic Communications Centre

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