Bid Media offers award-winning business news reporting, copywriting, publishing and report-writing services. Our writers are experienced journalists and editors.

Bid Media can turn your ideas into words and stories for publication and promotion. Our authors, book illustrators and designers are experienced copywriters, creative writers, editors, publishers and communications officers.

Our team of professional editors and writers can prepare written content for newsletters, magazines and online media.

Our services include:

  • Copy editing
  • Proof reading
  • Manuscript polishing
  • Rewriting
  • PhD editing
  • Blurb writing

We can write, design and print magazines, annual reports, prospectuses, newsletters and other communications.


Bid Media’s experts write and publish content for blogs, web page content, annual reports, news stories, business magazines, and newspapers.

We pay particular attention to style, structure and editing – and employ art and design experts to present those words in the best possible form.

We are advanced in critical reading, writing and editing.

Have an enquiry or need a unique public relations or tender solution? Let us help you.

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